Royal Legacy of Malda


  1. Ramkeli 

Ramkeli in Malda is famous for housing Lord Chaitanya Temple and is known for its serenity. You will definitely enjoy the peace and tranquility. Evening aarti is a highly enjoying event. People from all over pay a visit to this temple. 


  1. Baroduari / Boro Sona Mosque 

Boro Sona Mosque also known as Baroduari is a well known tourist spot in Malda in West Bengal. It is located very close to the border of India and Bangladesh. Ruins of the mosque will let you gain insight to Indian History.
    3.Dakhil Darwaja  –
Dakhil Darwaja in Malda is the largest architecture in history of Sultanate of Bengal. Once   upon a time it was the entrance towards the lakhnauti citadel. The gateway is still solid and one of the most elegant entrance portals.


  1. Firoz Minar 

The Firoz Minar is situated at a kilometer away from the Dakhil Darwza. It is also known as the Qutab Minar of Malda. First three storeys of the tower comprise of twelve adjacent faces and the uppermost two storey have circular shape.


  1. Chika Mosque –

The Chika Mosque is a well known and exclusively constructed medieval monuments in Malda. The mosque has gained high reputation due to its ability to shelter a wide number of bats. The gigantic dome of the mosque is really remarkable.


  1. Luko Churi Gate –

       The famous Luko Churi Gate is built on the south east corner of the Kadam Rasool Mosque. It was built by Shah Shuja in 16th Century by including Mughal architectural style. The monument gained its name as the king used to play hide & seek with his begum.


  1. Lattan Mosque –

The Lattan Mosque has been considered to be one of the well known preserved monuments within the   wall of Malda in West Bengal. It is located between the Bridge of Five Arches and the Tantipada Mosque.


  1. Adina Mosque –

The Adina Mosque in Malda comprises of ruins of one of the largest mosques in the Indian subcontinent. The site has been hosting the imperial mosque of the Sultanate of Bengal since 14th Century.


  1. Kutubshahi Masjid –

The Kutubshahi Masjid in Malda town was erected in 1528 A.D. in the honor of Sufi Saint Nur-Qutub-Alam. This gigantic structure was erected by Makhdoom Shaikh. It is built using red bricks and stone slabs.

  1. Eklakhi Mausoleum –

The Eklakhi Mausoleum is a famous tomb in Malda town in West Bengal. It is one of the most elegant and remarkable monuments in West Bengal till date. Being the first square brick tombs, it includes carved Ganesh on its doorway.