Goa, popularly known as the Pearl of the Orient and tourist paradise, is located in India’s coastal belt on the western ghats called the Konkan coast. It has an alarming scenic beauty. The architectural work done Goan Temples, Churches and old houses has brought great laurels to Goa. Some of these characteristics make Goa to be occupied by tourists. It is the most preferred option by the people who are planning their holidays.

Goa as compared to other states is not greatly populated but compared in terms of tourists it is the most populated place in India. Apart from attracting tourists from all over India, it also attracts tourists of foreign background. During the months of November, December and January Goa is heavily crowded. The real essence of Goa lies in its rich history, unique culture and the original natural beauty. Peaceful Goan lifestyle and adventure sports also draw the attention of the travellers within and outside India. All kinds of tourists are expected to visit Goa.

There are more than 36 beaches in Goa, each one is known for its own distinctiveness. Goa is also famous for its heritage and its architecture. In Goa you will find traditional mixture of Portuguese and Goa. This offers a unique feature to witness a pure blend of Portuguese and Goan culture in architecture of villas, forts houses and churches.Tourist are offered water sports like surfing, para sailing waterscooter etc. These water sports add up towards attracting tourists to Goa. The young crowd gets attracted towards Goa as it is a party destination. Many parties are organized during Christmas, new years and it’s a tourist hotspot to celebrate these eves in Goa. These parties usually go up for couple of days.

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