1. Susunia Hill –

Susunia Hill is the pride of Bankura. The view from the top point is really enjoyable and will let you forget the stress of your daily life. Nature lovers will be able to enjoy a calm ambiance.

2. Bishnupur –

Bishnupur is a well-known tourist spot situated in the eastern part of West Bengal. The place has gained wide popularity for exclusively designed terracotta temples. Also, the museum is popular for displaying ancient sculptures and manuscripts.

3. Mukutmonipur –

Mukutmanipur is one of the best picnic spots in Bankura, West Bengal. Situated in the Rarh region of West Bengal, it is adjacent to the dam on the Kangsabati River. This dam has been recognized to be the second biggest earth dam in India.

4. Joyrambati –

Joyrambati is a village that is located at a distance of about three miles from Kamarpukur. It is the birthplace of Hridayrama Mukhopadhyaya, nephew of Sri Ramakrishna Dev. The place is surrounded by green pastures and untrimmed meadows.

5. Gokul Chand Temple –

The Gokul Chand Temple is the grandest stone temple in West Bengal to date. This temple is located in Gokulagar which is at a stone’s throw distance from Bishnupur. A great place to get exposure to precious artworks by artists!

6. Biharinath Hill –

Biharinath Hill is the tallest hill in West Bengal. It is known for comprising highly dense forest areas in Bankura District. The Hill is situated at a height of 451 meters from the earth’s level.