Archaeology of Mangalkot

Distance from Kolkata

About 132km in the north-west direction of Kolkata. Approximately takes 3 hours to reach via Barrackpore Road, PWD Road, and then NH19.
The ruins of Mangalkot are spread over an area of roughly 35-40ha and were excavated by the Department of Archaeology, University of Calcutta from 1986 to 1991. It is possible that segments of an earthen rampart might have survived in one or two places. The most prominent mound of the site is locally known as ‘Vikramaditya Dhibi’ which, when excavated revealed a sequence beginning with protohistory. Extensive burnt-brick structures have been reported from the Gupta period and earlier. The site is noted for its rich antiquities such as pottery (e.g. black-and-red, red polished, black polished, chocolate, grey and buff ware), copper objects (e.g. rings, bangles, beads, etc.), bone tools, microliths, iron objects(e.g. arrowheads, chisels, nails, etc). Propitiously the site is well preserved for the visitors.

Why to visit

By walking around one could know about their history and feel connected with their past cultures as well as cherish the surrounding nature.